What a refreshing month October has been! The fires of revival at First Assembly of God have been re-kindled this month as we have had a month-long series of meetings with Evangelist David Copeland.  Just read a portion of what Bro. Copeland has reported in his Revival Journal at www.revivajournal.com :Rosenberg Revival Update posted on Wednesday 15 October 2008
Wells of Living Water continue to be dug in Rosenberg at First Assembly! Last night there was a freedom for the Gifts of the Spirit to flow freely…the Holy Spirit literally hovered over the service so strong people were afraid to move! There is a strong call for us to come back to holiness as the Church of Jesus Christ! Many of the things we are accused of we are guilty of. Powerless. Hypocritical. Too political. Too territorial. Selfish. Cold. Indifferent. But things are changing! God is raising up hungry people who only want the Presence of God! For all our friends in the Houston Area we will be back at New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison Saturday night and Sunday morning October 18, 19; then back in Rosenberg Sunday night October 19th for the Sunday night service. Holiness. Holiness is what I long for. Holiness is what I need. Not a dress code or a legalistic set of rules that not one has ever been able to live by. But the true holiness of God to manifest in every area of our lives!
It’s not by our might, nor our power; but by the Spirit of the Living God!!!

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